Our Story

The Bahamas Half Marathon is an event produced by Bahamas Roadmasters and Lee McCoy. The pair have extensive experience in putting on events in The Bahamas and around the world.

The Bahamas Half Marathon’s event date is designed to coincide with training plans for Marathon Bahamas. Those training for the full marathon in January will have a half marathon to check their pace against – the half marathoners can use the 10k to check their progress as well.

The event will be supported by local organizations and will also give back to the community. Stay tuned for more details!

Bahamas Roadmasters
“Never Give Up”

Members of Bahamas Roadmasters meet and train to compete in various local and international racing events 5 days per week on the Island of New Providence, Bahamas. Runners set their own pace and can vary the distance to coincide with their ability. Coaching & consultation is available for members.

During travels internationally to participate in various racing events, members were inspired to give back to the local community and thus the Bahamas Roadmasters Annual 20 Mile Charity Run was born in 2008. Thousands of dollars were collected and donated each year to the selected charity which included the AIDS Camp, The AIDS Foundation and The Pilot Club of Nassau-Pool for the Disabled. The Bahamas Half Marathon is a continuation of this wonderful event.

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